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CanMenu helps you connect with customers and sell on WhatsApp. Manage orders, receive payments and run your entire operation from your phone.

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Create a product catalog

Create a product catalog with CanMenu and sell not only on WhatsApp, but also on Facebook and Instagram. You can upload product images, monitor product availability, while keeping an eye on sales and profits.

Create a free website

CanMenu assists you in taking your business to the next level. You can create a free website for your store or restaurant in 5 minutes. Customers can place orders directly from the online catalog and send them to you as a WhatsApp message.

Promote your products

When you've created your product catalog and launched your free website, it's time to advertise your company and increase sales. Make use of WhatsApp's broadcast functionality to notify all of your customers about your new website.

Manage your operation

With CanMenu, you can sell online and in-store, manage your products, stay in sync with your staff, and understand the past, present, and future of your business with data.

Auto-Sync Orders

If an order is successfully placed via WhatsApp, the order will sync to your store dashboard. No manual recording needed, saving you valuable time and allowing you to focus on making more sales.

Offer Self-pickup and Takeaways

Use CanMenu to offer hassle free self-pickup and takeaways options to your customers. Customers can pre-order and self-collect their orders at your outlet.

How it works

Ordering is easy as chatting with a friend

1- Customer browses your online catalogue or menu

Customers can browse your online catalogue or menu and select the products or items they wish to order

2- Customer submits order online

When the customer places the order via your online catalogue, the system will send the order directly to your WhatsApp.

3- You receive the order on WhatsApp

Once you receive the order on WhatsApp, confirm the details with the customer via chat and proceed to prepare the order.



CanMenu is Free until 31 December 2021, then RM59/month onwards.

One Plan

Get the tools to sell on WhatsApp with all features unlocked. No credit card required.

MYR 0.00 /month
  • Full Access

  • Free Store Website

  • Online Menu Creation

  • Receive Orders on WhatsApp

  • Unlimited Orders

  • Unlimited Menu Items

  • Email Support

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Gabriel Martin
F&B Owner

We knew that we need tool like this one. And we finally found it. Managing orders faster than ever.

Emma Müller
Cake business owner

No more 30% fee on food delivery platforms. This is super cheap platforms thant saved us ton of money.

John Smith
Fashion Store Owner

We where previously chatting with customers on whatsapp so they can order. This is next level.

Fusion Restaurant Owner

They have the best digital menu creator. Together with the QR code generator it is best on market

Maria Santos
Cosmetic Business owner

Orders from customers on Facebook, Instagram and web on Whatsapp. Can I ask for more!